Hello! I am Beatrice and I am a vitalist nutritionist, iridologist and holistic alternative practitioner. I have a PhD and a Master in pharmaceuticals but after starting working in the field, I soon realised that the path that leads to health does not include life long medications.

My healing journey:

Since I was a little girl, I suffered from different autoimmune diseases that quickly degenerated during my early adulthood. At 25 I had a long list of autoimmune diseases to the extend that health insurances would not insure me because of my medical history. I tried first conventional medicine without success and I first had my turning point when, during my PhD, I went for an external stay in California.

I always had a deep interest in plants and medicinal herbs and, in California, I not only had the concrete opportunity for nurturing this passion of mine but also the fortune of meeting a great herbalist that helped me starting my healing journey.

I am now medication free and I enjoy optimal health.

Herbal Education:

I studied herbalism in California at the Chestnut’s School of Herbal Medicine and at the Ohlone Herbal Center. I also have a diploma in Vitalist Nutrition, Iridology as well as Natural therapeutics from the Irish School of Herbal Medicine, in Portlaoise, Ireland. Beside that, I have been studying herbalism, nutrition and natural therapeutics as a personal passion throughout my whole life. I am currently taking educational courses and update at the Italian Naturopathic School (SIMO) in Milan. Moreover, I am also a student of Chinese Medicine at the Acupuncturist School of Copenhagen.

During these years I have learned how to combine my scientific knowledge with a more holistic view on health, which gave me the unique ability to combine both in a personalised health protocol for my clients.

Where to find me:

I currently have a clinic at the Loaderiet, holistic center in Kongens Lyngby where I regularly see clients in 1:1 consultations (both in English and in Danish).

I also often arrange workshops on health, herbs and alternative medicine. Follow me on instagram “theherbalgeek” or on my Facebook page to get updates about events and webinars.