We occasionally arrange workshops on different topics like, herbal remedies, medicine making and wild food, both indoor and outdoor.


Plants and herbs are my passion and I am always ready to share information and experience. Do you have questions about next events? Or do you want me to arrange a course/workshop about a specific topic? Contact me and let us talk about it.

Do you have a company and you are looking for an alternative idea for a  team-building event? How does a wild food foraging and cooking event sound? I have built throughout the years a solid experience within workshop arrangements. Contact me and let us talk about it.

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What people say about our events and workshops:

“It was full of new concepts and a outstanding presentation. Thank you !!”

Sandra Bosco, Herbal Detox Delight workshop

“Hi Beatrice. Thank you very much for the workshop. My impressions are only positive. I like your casual approach to the workshop, sitting down, having a conversation. It was simple and informative, dividing the plants into groups concerning which organs they are beneficial for. And on top you have made a thorough background study, so we were in good hands. I look forward to hearing more :)”

Heidi Christiansen, Herbal Detox Delight workshop

“It was excellent! Just too short 🙂 Thanks to Beatrice hope she will do a follow-up”

 Irma Knudsen, Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu workshop

“Very interesting and well organized meetup! Looking forward for the next one”

Simone Gaiarin, Adaptogens and Immune System workshop

“Hi Beatrice , thank you for bringing valuable knowledge about natural medicine. I enjoyed your workshop” Olga Hentze, Herbal Detox Delight workshop”

Olga Hentze, Herbal Detox Delight workshop

“Insightfull, interesting of hyggeligt”

Bjarne B. Standahl, Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu workshop

“Waiting for the next one Beatrice 😉 thank you very much, was really great to learn more about it!”

Joana Silva, Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu workshop


  • NATURAL REMEDIES FOR COLD AND FLU: Winter has come and with it also all the more or less common illnesses like cold, cough and flu.. how to deal with them in a natural, sustainable and effective way? Well, in this workshop we will present the plants that are commonly used in the Western Herbalism for cold and flu, but also plants that are used prophylactically to boost the immune system, with a special focus on those commonly available in Denmark. We are also going to learn how to make our own syrup against the cold to bring home! The workshop is free of charge, in collaboration with Greencubator ( and Clorofille ( Looking forward to meet you all!
  • WILD EDIBLE PLANTS TOUR AND KITCHEN: Join us for a day of plant discovering and harvest, followed by a delicious lunch with wild plants based dishes. Afterwards we’ll dive in into the art of traditional herbalism while preparing natural remedies. We’ll start our day full of events with an herbal walk, a mix between a walking tour and a class, we are going to identify edible plants in a fun and easy way. Identifying plants is always a wonderful challenge and part of the adventure of wild food. We will guide you through the fundamental steps of edible plants foraging: seeing, smelling and tasting. We will show you how to use the innovative and extremely useful app BYHØST to find the edible plants around the city. After the tour we will host you for a tasty lunch with dishes we prepared with nutritious wild plants in the cozy atmosphere of Greencubator. Be ready to taste nettle, wild garlic, garlic mustard, wild dock and much more while meeting new interesting people.
  • DETOX HERBAL DELIGHT: Take the chance of learning about herbs that have been used for centuries to help the body expel toxins and waste substances. Together we will learn and discuss their uses and medical applications while preparing in the kitchen a healthy herbal tonic for the liver. The workshop is in collaboration with, center for acceleration of sustainable change, and is free of charge but this time the number of the seats is limited!!! So if you are interested don’t loose your chance and sign up for the workshop asap!
  • ADAPTOGENS AND IMMUNE SYSTEM: Adaptogens is a term that describes herbs that have the ability to help the body and the mind dealing with stressful situations by promoting homeostasis and regulating the immune system. Join the workshop and learn which adaptogen could be the best for your specific situation and how to use it. By participating to the workshop you are going to have the opportunity to get familiar to all those herbs, taste them and work with them. In the end of the workshop we are going to drink together a freshly prepared tonic made with some of the herbs presented in the workshop. This time the price is going to be of 50 dkk to cover the expenses to be paid in cash or MobilePay once there.
  • BOTANICAL WALK: Let us meet together for learning about plants and plant traditional and forgotten uses. The idea is to look at rare and common plants from cactus to orchids. To add some fun to it we’ll prepare an infusion with some of the plants we will see during our walk, who is going to be the plant geek that can guess all the plants in the infusion?!?!??! The workshop is free of charge, in collaboration with Clorofille ( Looking forward to meet you all! We’ll meet at 13.15 at the main entrance of the Botanisk Have, in front of the shop.