Hello! My name is Beatrice and I am, among others, an herbalist, a teacher, a mom and now a blogger too.

My herbal garden and I in Soeborg, great Copenhagen

I am 31 years old and I live in Denmark. I was born in Lucca, a lovely city in the heart of Tuscany, in Italy. I moved to Copenhagen to start working as PhD student in 2012 and I live there since. I have two kids: my daughter Astrid Viola, who is 3 years old and my son, Alexander, who is one. 

I currently work as a consultant but my life dream is to spread awareness around plants’ uses and benefits, responsible wild food foraging and eventually turned this into my real job.

I often teach workshops about medicinal herbs and organize events on the topic. To know more about my projects and next events, follow my Facebook page “Traditional Herbalism Denmark”.