Spring is finally here!

 Want to know how to get rid of winter torpor? Time to learn from plants and rebirth a new self to embrace a new cycle of life and sun (hopefully) again! The real beginning of the year is now!

Join me in this journey and learn every week about a wild weed which is probably growing in your backyard right now and which you can use beneficially for your health. Learn about uses and benefits, but also when it is better restrict the use. Learn how to recognize them and how to surprise your family and friends with easy, delicious and nutritious wild food recipes.

Spring in Gentofte

Spring is my favorite time of the year. It has not been like that for all my life though. As for many other young people summer used to be the season I was looking forward to the most. Summer meant no school, sea side, long days, much more free time for going out and having fun. It was time for young loves and life lasting memories. But years pass and you start working which means no more three months summer holidays and less free time during the day. Then you start having kids which means no free time at all, and suddenly summer kind of looses some of its charm (Only some though!). But you also grow, and that means that you start looking at life in an new way. For example, you start noticing how beautifully nature rebirths every year over and over, providing food and hope for newly formed families of animals. You start also noticing that the shining of the sun can really change your mood, awake your senses and give you new energy.

Now I know better: Spring is the real game changer.

Spring in Copenhagen

Spring is now indeed the season that inspires me and fascinates me the most. I make plans for my life all over again. I start projects; decide which plants I am going to sow in the garden and spend a lot of time outside identifying wild herbs in the places I visit. Spring is like meeting friends, some old ones, and some new ones that you did not know were living so close to you. It fulfills me and excites me!

Despite the fact that exotic herbs can be fascinating and extremely interesting, I firmly believe that, most of the time, you can find what you need just around you. Wild plants, weeds, that are now showing up everywhere, can really reveal an whole new universe of uses and benefits to those who are willing to lend an ear and start listening to them.

Around my house, in the suburb of Copenhagen, every year I learn something new about the local flora. I come originally from Tuscany and most of the wild flowers that I grew up with are not as present over here for obvious reasons. Therefore it took me a while to recognize and use the local wild herbs. Most of the books I read about wild food and harvesting technics, advise you to wait a year or two before start harvesting and using new wild plants. This is to make sure you identified them right and the only way to do it, unless you have an expert with you, is to wait for their natural cycle and check that all the seasonal stages correspond to the plant you believe it is. It is a pretty good way to get acquainted with plants and it does not take more than your attention and a good book (Google does not give you the security you need).

Wild chickweed (Stellaria Media) in my backyard

To help spread information and knowledge about wild local flora and their uses I decided from now on to write about each of them singularly, giving harvesting tips, recipes and much more. This is the right time of the year to start getting to know and use them.

There is not better way to start getting rid of winter torpor than start eating spring greens. They have been used for centuries for these purposes and almost all of the wild greens sprouting in these weeks are excellent diuretic and blood alterative. They help eliminate toxins from your body and excess of liquid, cleaning your body from winter stagnation.

Purple Dead Nettle (Lamium Purpureum) in the walk-path behind my house

They grow everywhere and even if you are not the type that likes to stay in the kitchen, there are tons of recipes that doesn’t require more than a few minutes to introduce this amazing herbs in your diet.

Did I get your interest? Then stay tuned and start with me on this wonderful journey into local herbs and weeds.

Environmental Disclosure: Avoid harvesting wild herbs or weeds from city streets, polluted and industrial areas. Remember to respect the plants by harvesting only when they are abundant and only as much as you need and leave enough of them to keep growing there.




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