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Culinary Recipes

The NO-waste weed


 Is there any weed in your garden that you can eat from the root to the flower and beyond? A weed which you can use in any single part? Seasonal weeds are amazing but very often only certain parts of the plant are eatable or taste nice. Here is instead […]


That time I started eating my garden


 As promised I will start my spring herbal collection with an herb from my garden, a weed, as many would call it that at start gave more than one headaches. Yes. That is because when I first moved in my current house, my garden was completely covered by it, and, […]


Spring is finally here!


  Want to know how to get rid of winter torpor? Time to learn from plants and rebirth a new self to embrace a new cycle of life and sun (hopefully) again! The real beginning of the year is now! Join me in this journey and learn every week about a […]